CSR Edmonds, Seven Hills NSW

The Challenge:

CSR Edmonds had a problem with birds roosting underneath the roof in the staff / visitor car park area. As a result bird droppings started to become a problem with bird faeces increasingly found all over cars, as well as on the ground creating not only a health hazard, but also potential slip and fall lawsuits waiting to happen.

Our Solution:

Bird Prevention supplied and installed 19mm bird netting to underneath the roof area to Edmonds staff / visitor car park areas preventing birds from roosting in these areas. Installing bird netting had an immediate impact with birds no longer able to gain entry to these areas and as a result moved on to find a new roosting area. Problem solved and no more bird droppings on vehicles.

Project Outcome:

  • 19mm Bird Netting was installed successfully without any interruption to the daily business operations
  • There has been no further problem with bird droppings found on cars, or on walkways since the bird netting was installed.
  • Clean and safe undercover parking area free from bird droppings