Melbourne Markets, Epping Vic

The Challenge:

A new construction within the Melbourne Markets district. Bird Prevention was engaged by Ideal Metal Roofing to install approximately 9,000m2 of bird netting to underneath 4 large awning areas at buildings D and E, and meet a strict time deadline and tight budget required for the project.

Our Solution:

Bird Prevention supplied and installed 19mm bird netting to underneath the awnings within the specified timeframe meeting a tight deadline and budget.

Project Outcome:

  • Complied with Hansen Yunken and Ideal Metal Roofing OH&S Requirements
  • Job was completed within the critical time frame ready for Melbourne Markets buildings D and E to open their doors on time
  • Job completed within Budget
  • The netting and associated fixtures and fittings were installed successfully with a 5 year guarantee on workmanship and materials
  • Post installation, and due to how quick and efficiently we completed the project, Ideal Roofing had us complete other projects for them in NSW in conjunction with Hansen Yunken such as installing 11,000m2 bird netting, and 30,000m2 of safety netting, to Metcash Huntingwood NSW