Metcash, Huntingwood NSW

The Challenge:

Metcash was a new building that was damaged in severe storms that hit Sydney in April 2015. The buildings structural integrity was compromised, and as a result the roof had to be replaced, as well as the previously installed bird netting to underneath the awnings in the loading dock areas. The big challenge with this project was that Metcash were already operating out of the building, and given that it’s the main distribution centre for NSW, closing the operation down while the repairs took place was not an option.

Our Solution:

Bird Prevention installed safety mesh to underneath the entire roof area, approximately 30,000m2, to capture any falling debris and prevent it from falling down onto Metcash staff working below while the roof was being replaced. Due to having to keep ahead of the roofers replacing the roof, Bird Prevention implemented an accelerated work program working all through the night over several weeks to keep ahead of the roofers and complete the job ahead of schedule.

The pre-existing bird netting installed to underneath the awnings in the loading dock areas, approximately 11,000m2, was also safely removed and replaced with new 19mm bird netting with minimal business interruption to Metcash.

The entire project was completed working at night and on weekends to minimise business interruption, and working in with our clients operational needs.

Project Outcome:

  • Complied with Hansen Yunken and Ideal Metal Roofing OH&S Requirements
  • Safety Mesh installed and removed with no interruption to Metcash’s business operations, and ahead of the roofers schedule resulting in no project delays
  • No accidents, incidents or near misses recorded during the installation and removal of the safety meshing
  • Job completed within Budget
  • The bird netting and associated fixtures and fittings were installed successfully with a 5 year guarantee on workmanship and materials