Nestle, Blacktown NSW

The Challenge:

Bird Prevention was engaged to supply and install bird proofing, approximately 1,800m2, to underneath the awnings in the loading dock areas of a brand new building.  The challenge was to eliminate all possible perching and roosting areas of the building and meet a tight time frame so the building could be handed over on time to the building owner.

Our Solution:

Upon site inspection, Bird Prevention Specialists installed bird netting to underneath the awnings in the loading dock areas. The installation of the netting was completed within the time frame required leaving a bird proofed warehouse ready for hand over to the building owner.

Project Outcome:

  • Complied with Taylor Constructions and Ideal Metal Roofing OH&S requirements
  • Job completed on schedule

The bird netting and associated fixtures and fittings were installed successfully with a 5 year guarantee on workmanship and materials